WREX TV: Mercyhealth Sees Spike in Placenta Accreta Cases

Rockford, IL; WREX TV, Channel 13 News – A serious pregnancy complication that forces women to get a c-section is becoming more common in our area.

It’s called placenta accreta and it just happened to a Rockford woman Lindsay Morgan. Her doctor, Dr. Nicole Macaulay, OB/GYN at MercyHealth Mulford says the condition which means the placenta invades the muscle of the uterus increases a mom’s risk for bleeding.

It happens in about 1 out of every 500 pregnancies. However in the last month, MercyHealth has already seen three cases. Lindsay needed a hysterectomy along with her c-section because her case was so severe.

Both Lindsay and her baby are happy and healthy at home.

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