WREX: Mercyhealth Names New Hospital After President and CEO Javon Bea

ROCKFORD (WREX)- The new Mercyhealth hospital in Rockford will have a new name.

Mercyhealth announced Monday that its new facility will be called the “Javon Bea Hospital.”

Bea, a native of Rockford, has around 30 years of service at Mercyhealth and currently serves as the hospital’s President and CEO.

He has been credited with helping Mercyhealth grow throughout the region during his tenure.

“First of all, I was more than shocked that I actually had to pinch myself more than a few times to make sure I wasn’t dead,” he joked during a press conference. “I really appreciate that they didn’t make me die first to be able to share this humbling experience.”

The new hospital is expected to open on January 5th.

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