WREX: Amboy Fire Department paramedics benefit from Mercyhealth certification

AMBOY (WREX) – Amboy Fire Department can now provide better care to the community thanks to help from a local hospital.

“It’s definitely a comforting to be able to provide that higher level of care immediately,” said Amboy Fire Lt. Garrett Gerdes.

In the last 14 months, the fire department has hired 13 paramedics.

Before the new hires, Amboy Fire didn’t have anyone who could work as a paramedic.

All of them are now certified with advanced life support from Mercyhealth.

This means the fire department can respond to more serious health problems without having to call in back-up.

“Instead of calling for intercepts to come meet us from other cities like Dixon and Mendota, it kinda helps us from pulling from other communities to come help,” said Gerdes.

The Amboy Fire Department plans to get more EMT’s “advanced life support” certified to be able to staff them around the clock.

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