Women’s and Children’s Comprehensive Services Booklet

As the only state-designated Children’s Hospital in the northern Illinois region, Mercyhealth’s Javon Bea Hospital and Physician Clinic–Riverside, offers the most comprehensive pediatric and perinatal specialty teams in Rockford. We offer the:
• Only 52-bed Level III (highest level) NICU in the region with the most experienced multidisciplinary team
• Region’s only Small Baby Unit, caring for the smallest preemies, those babies born less than 30 weeks’ gestation
• Only state of Illinois-designated Perinatal Center that provides medical direction for 11 counties in the region
• Only Pediatric Trauma Center
• Only Pediatric Critical Care Center
• Over 55 pediatric and perinatal specialists based in Rockford who provide care in 25+ different neonatal, perinatal and pediatric specialties

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