WKOW TV: Mercyhealth OB/GYN Discusses Dangers of Smoking During Pregnancy

1 in 9 women in Wisconsin smoke during pregnancy

JANESVILLE (WKOW TV) —  A new study by the CDC shows 1 in 9 women in Wisconsin smoke while pregnant. Researchers examined Wisconsin and the United States by birth certificates from 2016.

The national statistic shows 1 in 14 pregnant women smoked. The dairy state is on the map with 31 others where the rate is higher than the national average.

Health experts say their goal is to focus their attention to high-risk populations to reduce the statistic like women with lower incomes and looking at the social aspect of it. Health professionals say in too many households it’s the social norm to smoke.

In Wisconsin the program “First Breath” aims to provide education material and tobacco treatment specialist at no cost to help women kick the habit. A Mercyhealth OB/GYN says the health risks can be extremely severe.

“It’s no secret smoking is bad for pregnant people and their babies with risk of infertility, risk of miscarriage and risk of SIDS after the baby is born is three times likely for women who smoke,” said Dr. Patricia Nahn, OB/GYN at Mercyhealth Women’s Center in Janesville.

Dr. Nahn also encourages pregnant women to not listen to everything on the internet. Studies that show women can drink red wine while pregnant are not completely accurate. She says everyone’s body reacts differently during pregnancy.

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