WIFR: Rockford Hospital Receives New Helicopter

ROCKFORD, Ill.  – Mercryhealth REACT is replacing its current medical helicopter with a new one that will provide more services and add more technology geared towards women and children.

Doctors say the new helicopter is like a mobile intensive care unit, equipped with state of the art technology that allows medical crews to stabilize patients from neonatal to adults.

The new aircraft has a larger cabin that allows crews to have head to toe access to patients. The helicopter is also equipped with advanced autopilot, taking some of the workload off the pilot.

“I can one talk to different controlling agencies, I can talk to different fire departments, different hospitals, different LZ coordinators and it just makes the overall mission safer with this enhanced autopilot that we have,” said Mercyhealth REACT Lead Pilot Clark Pollard

Mercyhealth says it does around 300 flights a year. Crews say the new addition will allow them to respond to a great number of calls and provide a better service to its patients.

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