WIFR: Mercyhealth Unveils New Ultrasound Technology for REACT Helicopter

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) — With summer comes a spike in accidents and one local health system is introducing new equipment designed to streamline treatment.

“Everybody assumes the worst possible scenario, but it might just be a specialized resource that they need just for that situation,” said flight paramedic Jeromie Gass.

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, trauma season marks a busy time for first responders.

“People are out doing things, people are out riding their motorcycles, they’re out riding their ATVs and things like that, swimming in their pools. We see an uptick in all the trauma cases that we see,” said Gass.

Just in time for summer, Mercyhealth’s REACT helicopter is debuting ultrasound technology to help in rescue efforts, providing life-saving equipment for dangerous situations.

“Having ultrasound on the aircraft gives us the added advantage of letting us know what’s going on internally. It’s a non-invasive look at the internal organs of the abdomen and the chest to access the heart, lungs and the abdomen for free fluid or bleeding,” said Dr. John Pakiela, Medical Director for REACT.

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