WIFR: Mercyhealth NICU Reunion, Bond Strengthened Between Staff and Patients

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit graduates reunited with the staff that helped them survive the most crucial moments of their early lives.

“They were like her mom when I wasn’t able to do it,” says Lisi Otunga, the mother of Emee Otunga who spent the first three months of her life in the micro-preemie unit.

“She was born at 26 weeks, she was only one pound and eight ounces, and she was 13 inches long,” says Otunga. “I didn’t really think she was going to make it.”

Now Emee is 15 months old, and attended the NICU reunion party to reunite with her helpers.

“A lot of our nurses try to take different babies as their primaries, so they get very close with the family members and with the babies,” says NICU Nurse Sierra Miller. “They make incredible bonds that last.”

Some babies required constant care, which meant nurses were there every second of their shift to tend to the baby’s needs. The reunion is a way for them to reconnect, and see the growth among the children.

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