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VIDEO: Mercyhealth Pediatric Endocrinology: Family shares battle with diabetes

Receiving a Type 1 diabetes diagnosis is a life-changing moment. Natalie Emenecker’s son, Josiah, was diagnosed in 2018, and her son, Tyler, was diagnosed at a later date.

“The first days (of a diagnosis) are overwhelming and you almost feel as if you are learning how to swim in an ocean,” said Natalie. But thanks to Dr. Francisco Carrión and the staff in the Pediatric Endocrinology department at Mercyhealth, Natalie says they have learned the tools they need to be confident in caring for this type of diagnosis.

“Thank you Dr. Carrion for loving my boys,” said Natalie, “For looking at them as people, a person, a whole person, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and caring for that person and not just treating them like another patient.