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The importance of counting calories for weight loss

Part 3: Let your New Year’s resolutions last the whole year

Written by Mariya Pogorelova, MD, board certified internal medicine doctor and director of the Mercy Healthy Image Weight Management Program.

Calorie monitoring helps many people lose weight and maintain a healthy weight in the long term.

Recording calories is a good way to track your daily average. To do this, you can use a variety of apps or start a food diary. Ask your doctor about how many calories you should have each day. To lower your calorie intake:

  • Start by cutting your portions by half
  • Avoid sugar-loaded food like cookies or candies
  • Choose healthy snacks such as nuts, string cheese, apples, eggs, etc.

Watch what you drink

Unlike plain coffee, many coffee drinks contain lots of calories—often more than in a typical lunch! Cut back on those sugary additives.

If plain water is too plain for you, add a teaspoon of fruit or citrus juice.

Alcohol is packed with calories and increases appetite. Cutting down on alcohol offers a quick way to lower your calorie intake.

Be patient. Developing good habits takes time, but definitely pays off. In a future related blog, I’ll talk more specifically about exercise.

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