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With outstanding administrative support, a dedicated staff, and heavy physician involvement, the Mercyhealth TTC is a premier local and regional center of education offering regularly scheduled tactical training programs:

Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC)

This course covers topics designed to decrease and treat preventable causes of death in the tactical environment. Topics include hemorrhage control, airway management, treatment of chest wounds, and techniques for extracting casualties, introduction to rescue task force and much more.  Prerequisites: Current law enforcement, EMS, or fire professional.

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Tactical Emergency Medical Support (TEMS)

Offered in partnership with the National Tactical Officers Association

This course incorporates lectures, practice and scenario-based training. Participants learn foundation principles, practices and skills necessary for providing medical support to law enforcement operations. Emphasis is on medical models and skills effective for supporting special operations teams during high-risk, large-scale and extended operations. Concepts and skills taught are also relevant to all law enforcement operations..

Fee and registration

Member price: $749; non-member price: $804.  All registration is conducted thru the National Tactical Officer Association. Registration is accepted online or by phone at (800) 279-9127.

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K9 First Aid

Offered in partnership with Odin’s Fund

This course is a full-day event that addresses topics and issues of importance to the canine handler and EMS providers when caring for K9 officers. Normal physical examination parameters and trauma logistics are reviewed, along with recognition of a variety of medical and surgical conditions. Fore each situation, appropriate basic first aid techniques are discussed. All participants receive a notebook containing relevant course information for note-taking and future reference.

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Rescue Task Force

RTF is an aggressive response to an active shooter incident that provides rapid medical treatment at the point of injury to those who are injured. It is a joint response between police and fire/EMS departments, but can be adapted to any agency, large or small, rural or urban. This training is ideal for front line EMS personnel and law enforcement officers. With basic understanding of language, roles and movements, trained persons will finish the class with a functional understanding and ability to perform this task.

Length: 4 hours (lecture only) — 8 hours (lecture and hands on)

Upcoming Courses

  • RTF*
    – Available upon request.  Contact the Mercyhealth Prehospital & Emergency Services Center–Janesville at (608) 756-6182

*Course offerings may have minimum class size requirements.