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Stay Healthy

Stay Healthy offers everyday tips, practical strategies and perspectives for your health and wellness, as well as timely discussion from a variety of doctors, specialists and experts. We cover a variety of topics intended to help our patients make healthy decisions in their everyday life.

We cover topics ranging from different areas of the news, to healthy recipes that you can use at home. At Mercyhealth we believe that a lifestyle does not end when you leave the doctor’s office, and that’s why we work to make sure you have the knowledge to live the healthiest life possible.


Are you drinking enough water?

Getting enough water every day is important for your health. Along with the beverages you drink, you can also get fluids through the foods you eat, (for example, broth soups, and foods with high water content such as celery, tomatoes ...

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Lower your chances of stroke

Having a stroke can be a catastrophic, life-changing event. Heart disease and stroke are preventable, yet they remain leading causes of death and disability, and health care spending in the US. Alarmingly, many of these events happen to adults ages ...

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Know your numbers

High blood pressure has no signs or symptoms, but measuring it to stay healthy is quick and painless Blood pressure is the force of blood pushing against the walls of the arteries that carry blood from your heart to other parts ...

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Keeping your aging brain healthy

Aging well depends on your genes, lifestyle choices and environment. Even if you’re healthy, brain changes as you age may lead to increased challenges with multitasking, paying attention and recalling words. The good news is, most of us— at any ...

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Tips for tailgating with hot dogs

Whether you call it a hot dog, frankfurter or wiener, it’s a cooked sausage and a year-round favorite. Before you grab your bun and favorite toppings, see the questions and answers below to keep you and your loved ones safe ...

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Prevent bug bites when on vacation

If you are planning a summer trip, take these precautions. Travelers to tropical and other destinations can take these simple steps to prevent bug bites. How to protect yourself: Wearing insect repellent with at least 20% DEET protects against mosquito and tick ...

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Get your child active this summer

Now that the calendar has shifted to summer, sunshine, fresh breezes and warm days can make it easier to get energized about healthy living. But, summer days can also lead your family astray. In the midst of school vacation and ...

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Feel the burn in common summer activities

Summertime is full of opportunities to get active, whether its with family and friends or on your own. These common, summer, outdoor activities actually burn the most calories and provide hours of entertainment: Kayaking 319 calories an hour Biking 554 ...

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Hot vehicles can kill

On average, 38 children die of heatstroke every year because they were left unattended in vehicles in one of three ways: 54% were left in vehicles when the driver was distracted at the destination and forgot there was a child ...

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