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Stay Healthy

Stay Healthy offers everyday tips, practical strategies and perspectives for your health and wellness, as well as timely discussion from a variety of doctors, specialists and experts. We cover a variety of topics intended to help our patients make healthy decisions in their everyday life.

We cover topics ranging from different areas of the news, to healthy recipes that you can use at home. At Mercyhealth we believe that a lifestyle does not end when you leave the doctor’s office, and that’s why we work to make sure you have the knowledge to live the healthiest life possible.


Urgent care can help you feel better fast

You’re celebrating one of those memorable moments teaching your daughter how to ride a bike when it all comes to a halt as she falls and injures her wrist. After consoling her tears, you realize something could be wrong. What ...

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What you eat can lower your inflammation

Inflammation is your body’s response to an injury as it works to heal itself. However, inflammation can become problematic when it starts, even when there is no injury, or when it doesn’t end. Chronic inflammation can increase your risk for ...

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Get happy: Make a bliss list

Have you ever stopped and thought about what makes you happy? Why not take time to write down all the people, activities and things that bring joy to your life? It’s easy! Use pen and paper, or the notes app ...

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Emotional wellness check: Stress reducers

Stress is a reaction to a situation where a person feels threatened or anxious. Common reactions to a stressful event can include feeling sad, frustrated, and helpless; difficulty concentrating and making decisions; headaches, back pains, and stomach problems; or smoking ...

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Cancer screenings you need now

Screening tests can help find cancer at an early stage, before symptoms appear. When abnormal tissue or cancer is found early, it may be easier to treat or cure. By the time symptoms appear, the cancer may have grown and ...

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Time for a tick check

When enjoying time outdoors, it is important to be aware of ticks and take steps to protect yourself. You can take several steps to prevent illnesses spread by ticks, including using personal protection, removing ticks as soon as possible and ...

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Get your sleep patterns on a better path

Did you know around one third of Americans are sleep-deprived? Spending more time at home this past year didn’t do much to improve our sleep habits either— the pandemic actually created more sleep challenges for most of us. Establishing habits ...

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How to protect your skin against the sun

Spending time outside is a great way to be physically active, reduce stress and get vitamin D naturally. You can work and play outside without raising your skin cancer risk by protecting your skin from the sun. Most skin cancers ...

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Make breakfast a part of your routine

Did you know ... breakfast literally means to break a fast? It replenishes the energy and nutrients stored in your body after fasting for 8-10 hours during sleep. What’s more, studies have shown that eating breakfast improves your energy level ...

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