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Realistic physiology for pediatric care. Because children are more than smaller adults.

CAE Healthcare delivers the best in pediatric simulation, because we know parents want the best for their children. With PediaSIM, users benefit from validated physiology and exceptional features, allowing them to gain advanced skills and competency in pediatric care. CAE Healthcare’s PediaSIM is a realistic reproduction of a six-year-old child that provides advanced pediatric simulation training so health care providers can perform at their best in pediatric critical care.


Setting a new standard for realism in patient simulation, Apollo is METIman reborn.

The CAE Apollo adult patient simulator boasts a wide range of powerful new features to deliver the ultimate in realistic simulation-based health care training. CAE Healthcare’s Apollo retains all the essentials that made METIman the perfect patient manikin, with more powerful performance features and additional configurations to meet both nursing and prehospital learning objectives. With two simulated patient models (prehospital and nursing), Apollo offers the ultimate in versatility and the best value in high-fidelity simulation training.


A fully mobile patient simulator with advanced physiology and functionality for unlimited training possibilities

With advanced physiological modeling, wireless technology and the capacity to create an unlimited array of patient scenarios, iStan delivers the ultimate in mobility and functionality for advanced training in patient care. Engineered for training purposes, iStan is certified for in-flight use aboard major military aircraft. CAE’s iStan is one of the most versatile, high-fidelity wireless patient simulators available.


A better childbirth simulator that’s beyond exceptional

CAE Lucina is the only wireless childbirth simulator with validated, integrated maternal-fetal physiology and interchangeable static cervices to train on all the stages of delivery and the rare emergency scenario. Lucina brings an impressive blend of features to the market including a more realistic and controllable birthing process, better articulation for labor and delivery maneuvers, and predicted APGAR scores based on the integrated maternal-fetal physiology. From normal delivery and breech birth to shoulder dystocia and eclampsia, Lucina does it all. With 10 pre-configured Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs), Lucina allows instructors to increase throughput and manage multiple demands effortlessly.

SIM Ambulance

Medical simulation on the road creates an environment that allows these skills to be taught, acquired and practiced. Moreover, a well-run simulation can help EMS providers to practice the skills essential to EMS practice in a real ambulance. Solid education practice is rooted in the use of appropriate learning tools and achieving student learning outcomes. Simulation is a highly effective tool for helping students develop the higher learning levels of analysis, synthesis and evaluation. This helps EMS students be better prepared to handle the decisions they will face in the real world of EMS.