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Weight Management Program: Factors of Obesity

There is generally no one reason why a person becomes overweight. Obesity is a complex, chronic disease that involves many factors.


There is a correlation between the weight of parents and their children. But having overweight parents doesn’t guarantee you’ll be overweight.

Environmental factors

With an overabundance of food, and cars to take us everywhere, Americans are at a much higher risk of obesity than people in less-developed countries.


Very often, people experiencing boredom, sadness, anger and anxiety reach for food for comfort. In the process, they can lose control of how much food they eat.

Medical conditions

Low thyroid levels, Cushing’s syndrome, certain brain disorders, and even some medications, can lead to weight gain.

Mercy’s Weight Management Program helps you address all these factors safely and effectively.

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VIDEO: Mercyhealth Weight Management Program-What it is and why it works

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