Trauma care – Level II

Mercy Hospital and Trauma Center offers trauma patients the best possible outcome — a second chance at life

As a certified Level II trauma center, Mercy Hospital and Trauma Center’s staff and resources are always ready at a moment’s notice to care for trauma patients. Everything is in place when the patient arrives: trauma-trained doctors and nurses, plus imaging equipment, operating rooms and support staff.

Primary trauma

Trauma is a serious, life- or limb-threatening injury caused by an automobile crash, gunshots, knife wounds, falls, battery or burns. The CDC’s field trauma triage guidelines recommend trauma centers for these types of patients because of improved outcomes.

Minor injuries can also be treated at a trauma center, and will typically be handled by an emergency medicine physician with backup from other medical specialists.

Our trauma patients are routinely admitted for inpatient hospital care. We also accept patients from Level III and IV facilities.

Secondary trauma

Mercy also addresses secondary trauma—the effects that the injured individual’s loved ones must deal with. Our chaplains, social workers, and care coordinators are here to gently guide patients and families from the initial injury through the entire hospital and recovery phase.

Level I care

There may be some instances when we stabilize the patient and transfer him to a Level I facility for highly specialized needs such as burn care, pediatric trauma, complex pelvic fractures, and reimplantations.