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Tomosynthesis Mammography

Woman recommended they receive yearly mammograms after age 40. If your doctor detects breast cancer before it spreads, it is nearly 100 percent curable. One out of eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and three out of four cancer patients will have no risk factors. With these numbers in mind, it’s time to request a 3D tomosynthesis mammogram, the biggest breakthrough in breast cancer screening in 30 years.

A digital tomosynthesis mammography scan creates a 3D image of the breast for clearer, more accurate diagnoses to catch cancer early. This type of imaging takes cross section images of the breast. Your doctor is able to view layers of the breast from different angles and get a much clearer picture of your health. Mercyhealth uses the Genius™ 3D Mammography system with tomosynthesis for patients who visit The Mercyhealth Women’s Center in Rockford.

Genius 3D Mammogram works the same way a traditional mammogram does–with positioning and compression–but offers a much more accurate picture. This reduces the chance patients need to be retested.

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