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Sports Performance

Our sports performance programs are engineered to improve movement that will enable you to meet the demands of your sport. We guide athletes of all ages and skill levels to improve weaknesses and decrease potential injuries while building great strength and power.

Team Training

In team sports, unfortunately, the weak link rules the chain. How teams prepare away from the court or the field is vital for team success. With Mercyhealth Top Performers, teams and organizations become more successful by improving as a team. Our team systems also enable athletes to reduce their risk of injury while effectively improving overall team performance.

Pro Sports

Due to the rigors of professional sports, it is extremely important that players and teams stay healthy to perform at their very best. Understanding your off-season needs are critical not just to your performance but to your health.  We take a serious approach on properly evaluating each athlete and understanding their weak links to better prepare them for the season while meeting their off-season goals.  Are you not satisfied with your team’s performance? Our performance coaches will provide you with effective solutions to meet your team’s needs.

College Sports

Every year, coaches set goals to either be conference champs or national champs.  With our performance training system, players will learn to reduce potential injuries while improving performance.
With college sports teams wanting so desperately to compete every year, it is extremely important that the athletes are effectively improving their physical potential not only to perform better but to cut down the risk of injuries.  Our team will provide you with a comprehensive needs analysis that will improve your team’s performance, as well as the performance of each athlete.
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