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Renuva® is an injectable fat graft that allows your own body to correct small volume tissue defects. Renuva’s key proteins and growth factors help create new fat tissue to help restore volume in areas where some native fat already exists. In this way, Renuva uses your own body to generate fat where the product is injected. Renuva is designed to allow your own body to grow fat into the space that the injection occupies.

As your body reacts naturally to Renuva, it fixes small aesthetic defects and improves your skin tone and texture. We use Renuva to fix those those little imperfections that have always bothered you, such as:

  • Liposuction irregularities
  • The crease from your nose to the edge of your mouth (nasal labial fold)
  • Depressed scars
  • Larger cellulite dimples
  • Loss of volume in your cheeks, temples and backs of hands

Renuva treatments are done in our office. It is a safe, simple 10-minute procedure. It doesn’t require anesthesia, and there is no recovery or down time needed.

With Renuva, you get the smooth contours and added volume you want to look and feel your best.

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