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REACT Helicopter

For emergency dispatch, call (800) 637-3228.

Mercyhealth REACT, based in Rockford, IL, provides advanced helicopter transport medicine for the most critically ill and injured patients across northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin, and eastern Iowa.

Our highly skilled critical care nurses and paramedics bring the Mercyhealth standard of care to patients in need, from neonatal to adult.

With just one call to the Mercyhealth RockCom Communication Center, you can arrange transport for your patient. Within minutes, Mercyhealth REACT crews can be en route.

Training Programs

REACT is passionate about education and offers continuing education lectures on a wide variety of topics to meet the needs of our pre-hospital or hospital providers. Click on the button below for information about our current programs.

Training Programs
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Providing the patient care space and larger weight limits needed to care for the most critically ill and injured patients

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Serving the region as a broad-based transport service providing care to adult, pediatric, maternal and trauma populations

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Public Event Visits and Hangar Tours

Actively involving the communities we serve

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REACT Newsletters

Highlighting educational information and opportunities, plus the latest from our team

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REACT Night Out

Training our community first responders to care for us all

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REACT Region

Serving communities and hospitals in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa

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REACT Helicopter

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