Premium Intraocular Lenses

The loss of our reading focus can be abrupt and severe once our clouded lens is removed during cataract surgery.

The conventional replacement lens implant has a single focus that is set at distance. This allows excellent natural distance vision without glasses after cataract surgery, but requires us to use reading spectacles to focus for our near needs.

Premium lens implants not only give us excellent natural distance vision, but also restore most of our near visual needs as well. These lens implants allow us to perform computer work, cell phone activities, and most reading activities without the need for glasses. Mercyhealth’s eye surgeons have been implanting these lenses since 2004 with a great deal of success and much patient satisfaction.

The premium lens is also known as a presbyopic-correcting lens implant. Presbyopia is the loss of near vision, normally associated with aging, but encountered abruptly following cataract surgery.

There are several presbyopic-correcting lens implants and Mercyhealth eye surgeons use all of them to optimize your vision following cataract surgery. Many practices implant only one style of lens, but Mercyhealth offers you a selection of FDA-approved presbyopic-correcting implants.

The Crystalens® is designed to give you a more natural range of vision, flexing like the eye’s natural lens. The Technis® Multifocal lens and the ReStor® Multifocal lens can give you high-quality vision at any distance and in all lighting conditions, even in dim light.

Mercyhealth’s eye surgeons have been recognized nationally as leaders in the premium lens implant field and will guide you to the lens most suitable for your lifestyle.

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