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Pediatric Speech-Language Therapy

Speech therapy focuses on improving a child’s overall communication skills. This includes understanding language, using language, and articulating words. It also includes caring for children with oral motor and feeding disorders, hearing impairments, voice disorders and stuttering.

After a thorough assessment of your child, the speech-language pathologist develops a treatment plan that includes the parent/caregiver, plus consultations with the child’s doctors and other health care providers. Our pediatric speech-language pathologists work closely with your child to help them safely and gradually gain, regain or continue their communication skills.

Individual therapy sessions, based on the child’s needs, are available Rockford and Harvard, IL, and Lake Geneva and Janesville, WI.

Speech-language therapy helps with:

  • Articulation delays
  • Motor speech difficulties (apraxia)
  • Language delays
  • Oral motor weakness
  • Feeding and swallowing delays and difficulties
  • Sensory and motor-based difficulties
  • Developmental delays
  • Hearing impairment

Pediatric speech-language therapy is provided by physician referral only.

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