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Pediatric Orthopedics

Children’s growing bones, ligaments, tendons and nerves require a special skill-set to treat in the event of an accident, birth defect or illness. Parents can do their part by monitoring their child’s athletic activities and making sure they have the proper equipment to keep their bones and joints safe but sometime you may need the help of pediatric specialists.

Not only does Mercyhealth treat the bumps and scrapes of everyday play, we help children overcome orthopedic problems that stem from birth or health issues. Offering a range of treatments from conservative to more invasive, we treat your child as you would – with gentleness and understanding – when circumstances cause them to need an orthopedic specialist.

The multi-disciplinary pediatric special needs clinic meets once a month in the Mercyhealth Orthopedic Center of Excellence, located on the Rockton Avenue campus.

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