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Pediatric Developmental Therapy

Developmental therapy is play-based therapy that promotes optimal development in the areas of self-help, personal-social, language, cognition and motor skills.

After a thorough assessment of your child, the developmental therapist develops a treatment plan that includes the parent/caregiver, plus consultations with the child’s doctors and other health care providers. Our developmental therapists provide early positive and supportive experiences to help your child learn and develop life skills needed for future social, academic and vocational success.

Individual therapy sessions, based on the child’s needs, are available at Javon Bea Hospital–Riverside in Rockford, IL.

Developmental therapy helps:

  • Foster age-appropriate play skills
  • Enhance engagement with peers
  • Regulate emotions
  • Develops social and self-help skills
  • Address developmental delays

Developmental therapy is provided by physician referral only.

Pediatric Developmental Therapy Locations