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ORA Cataract Surgery System

The power of the replacement lens implant inserted into your eye following cataract removal has traditionally been calculated using preoperative measurements of the external surface of the eye. Careful measurement of your cornea curvature, as well as the axial length of your eye, would reveal those parameters for you, and once inserted into a computer formula, a planned lens implant power is obtained.

Even the latest formulas are imprecise in many instances. In the event of minor errors in calculation, the vision may not be perfect in the distance or near. In that event, a slight glasses prescription could restore a patient’s vision to perfection. A larger error in lens calculation could be corrected by an even stronger pair of glasses, contact lenses, the exchange of the lens implant for a different power, the insertion of a secondary implant in another operation, or even possibly laser vision correction.

Mercyhealth Eye Center ophthalmologists are pleased to offer a new lens implant measurement tool that adds an even greater degree of precision to the accuracy of lens implant placed inside your eye.

The ORA (Optiwave Refractive Analysis) system provides an intraoperative measurement to determine the precise lens implant power needed in your eye. After removal of your cataract, this special measurement is made to confirm that the exact lens implant power being placed in your eye is precisely what you need. In this manner, your surgeon is able to assess the quality of vision you will obtain and can be certain that the correct lens implant power has been selected for you.

Previously, our best lens measurement needed several weeks of healing to determine if the proper lens implant power was selected for you. With this new technology, verification of the proper lens implant happens during your surgery.

In addition, this intraoperative measurement gives us the precise amount and location of any astigmatism on your cornea. Combined with our other exclusive technology, we are able to offer the most precise methods available for determining and correcting your astigmatism during surgery.

Note that eyes that have had previous refractive surgery, such as LASIK, PRK or RK, are extremely difficult to measure accurately to determine proper lens implant power with conventional computer programs. Lens implant accuracy in these eyes is greatly enhanced using our ORA system.

Mercyhealth Eye Center surgeons offer ORA to you without additional charge.

ORA Cataract Surgery System
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