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Wisconsin & Illinois

Milk Depot

Javon Bea Hospital–Riverside is a milk depot.

Lactating mothers with excess breast milk can apply to become donors through the Mothers’ Milk Bank of the Western Great Lakes.

After an initial phone screening, potential donors will be sent an application.  The application is reviewed and medical providers contacted.

The Mothers’ Milk Bank of the Western Great Lakes will arrange for blood testing at no cost to donors.

The screening process takes approximately 2-3 weeks to complete.

After approval, donors will receive a donor number and can arrange to drop off milk at the closest milk depot in Illinois or Wisconsin, including Javon Bea Hospital–Riverside.

Donors must be healthy lactating women who have extra milk and want to help other babies in need. They must:

  • Plan to donate at least 100 ounces to the milk bank
  • Store milk in clean, food-grade containers
  • Donate milk that has been stored for less than one year in a deep freezer or six months in a standard freezer
  • Donate milk that was pumped before their baby’s second birthday
  • Contact the milk bank if there are any changes in health status or when taking new medications
  • Donation requirements differ for mothers who donate after infant loss. Please ask for more information about the special bereavement program.

According to the Mothers’ Milk Bank of the Western Great Lakes, in the 2.5 years that they have been open, they have collected and dispensed almost 300,000 ounces of milk. If you’re interested in learning more about donating breast milk, please call our lactation office at (815) 971-5020.

Milk Depot Locations