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Mercyhealth Top Performers-Janesville

Mercyhealth Top Performers-Janesville enhances athletic performance with three core goals in mind:

  • Sport-specific performance training
  • Functional exercise training
  • ACL injury prevention training


Who we train

Our program is focused on athletes ages 10 to 22, but we also offer adult training. Each athlete can expect a unique training program designed to reach their personal goals. After each individualized assessment, the coordinator will establish a program just for you.

Adults — Have you gotten a little busy lately and fallen out of your workout routine? Our free assessment can help you identify your weaknesses and get you back on track. For follow-up sessions we can work with you individually or you can schedule with a friend at a lower rate.

Are you technology minded? A dorsaVi analysis can utilize technology to show you deficits in your functional performance. Ask us how!

College — When it’s time to prepare for your upcoming season, we’ll analyze your current status and discuss your overall goals to maximize your performance. We start with a strength base and then work into sport specific exercises and drills.

High school — High school athletes have often specialized in a specific sport or two and are looking to refine their skills. We can analyze your form, assess your strength and develop an advanced training program that will improve your speed and strength for you to achieve your ultimate goals.

Junior high — These athletes are going through growth spurts and still getting a feel for their own skills. Our program works on strength development and finding a base for proper technique and movement patterns in preparation for training at the next level.

Youth athletes —Growing athletes need specialized programs to protect their growth plates and establish proper movement patterns while developing fundamental sport skills. We can develop a program that is safe for the young athlete to improve strength, improve agility and sports performance.

Girls only — Some young girls are hesitant to work out in a room full of boys or in mixed company. We can schedule groups of girls to provide encouragement and a positive competitive atmosphere to allow the female athletes to reach the full potential while decreasing self-consciousness.


Unmatched equipment and protocols

Did you know we can utilize the latest in technology to help you to reach your ultimate potential?

The dorsaVi program is a computerized module that uses sensors to assess an athlete’s functional performance and identify areas to target for improvement.

VO2 Max
An athlete’s VO2 Max score is generally considered by exercise physiologists as one of the best indicators of the athlete’s cardiovascular fitness and aerobic endurance. Theoretically, the more oxygen you can use during high-level exercise, the more ATP (energy) you can produce. This is often the case with elite endurance athletes who typically have very high VO2 max values. We can use our metabolic cart to help determine your VO2 max score.

Our CompuTrainer is a computerized cycling tool to analyze your cycling efficiency, endurance and maximize your training efforts.



Initial assessment: FREE
Includes range of motion evaluation, functional movement screening, manual muscle testing, and strength testing.

Same sport group training for up to 6 people: $20 per hour
We work as a group toward one goal. We practice team bonding, improving each other’s abilities, and challenge each other to keep making progress.

One-on-one training: $50 per hour
Includes correction for proper lifting techniques and an individualized workout fit to the athlete’s strengths, weaknesses and goals. This may include a session of dorsaVi training, CompuTrainer analysis and VO2 max testing.

Introductory special
After completing 10 training sessions, participants receive a T-shirt plus a 30-minute massage.


For more information

To schedule an assessment, or learn more about our program, please call (608) 743-2757.


Mercyhealth Top Performers-Janesville

557 N Washington St
Janesville, WI 53548

Phone: (608) 743-2757
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