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Cancer Care: Cancer Registry

What is a cancer registry?

This computerized system is designed for the collection, management, and analysis of cancer data. Interpretation of cancer data is essential for optimal patient care, evaluation, cancer program planning and management, administrative planning, and education.

What does Mercyhealth Cancer Registry provide?

Lifetime patient follow-up

Our cancer registries’ primary responsibility is to provide lifetime follow-up on all patients diagnosed or treated at Mercyhealth. You or your physician will be contacted at least annually and asked for follow-up information regarding your health status. This helps us follow your treatment and assess the need for future cancer programs.


Data collected and maintained in our cancer registries serve as a valuable resource for physicians interested in the cause, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. The patient’s identity is kept strictly confidential.


Cancer registry data (including patterns of care and length of survival) is used to further the education of physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers.

National database

Our connection to a large national database enables us to compare Mercyhealth’s cancer registry statistics with national statistics.

How you benefit

Our cancer registries help your doctor and health care team provide the most comprehensive, up-to-date treatments available. The registries extract information regarding your diagnosis and treatment from your medical record and enter it into a computerized data bank. Your doctor can then request data to assess the benefits of your treatment program and to assimilate data from other medical facilities. Our registries also routinely and closely monitor your medical progress throughout the year and provides:

  • Better care for you and other patients
  • An opportunity to identify new or recurring physical problems you may have
  • A reminder to schedule regular follow-up visits with your physician

If you receive a follow-up letter, please answer the questions and return the form in the envelope provided. The information will be used to maintain your record in our registries.

Please stay in touch

If you change your address or see a new physician, please write or call us so we can update your records.

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Mercyhealth Cancer Center–Rockford
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