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LenSAR/LexSX Custom Cataract Laser Surgery

LenSAR/LenSX® custom cataract laser surgery ushers in a new era of technologically advanced laser surgery.

Vision with cataracts has been described as seeing life through old, cloudy film. The surgeons of the Mercyhealth Eye Center can help you regain what you have lost, both in terms of visual acuity and quality of vision, using LenSAR/LenSX, the latest femtosecond laser technology.

Until now, removing your clouded lens with standard cataract surgery has been done using hand-held instruments that included a blade, needles, and ultrasonic energy for fragmentation of the cataract. The success of this approach depends to a great extent on the surgeon’s skill and experience. Our femtosecond laser can provide far more accuracy and consistency performing surgical incisions.

The LenSAR/LenSX femtosecond laser reaches a new frontier of precision and accuracy of incisions made during cataract surgery. The LenSAR/LenSX is guided by an ultra-high-resolution imaging system that identifies every portion of the cataract and anterior ocular structures. It then develops, in seconds, a computerized plan for your cataract incisions.

By tightly focusing energy to produce precise surgical incisions, laser-guided cuts of a uniform depth into the lens are made. The disruptive heat and irregularity of previous ultrasound incisions are eliminated. The ability to focus energy and perform precise laser-guided intraocular incisions is now not only possible, but is a reality.

LenSAR/LenSX reduces the need for blades, needles, and extended ultrasound energy. The segmenting and softening of the lens with the LenSAR/LenSX simplifies its final breakup and removal. Three-dimensional cutting of the cornea takes advantage of internal pressure in the eye to create self-sealing incisions and allow exact placement of limbal-relaxing incisions often performed in the same procedure in order to reduce astigmatism.

Mercyhealth Eye Center surgeons are pleased to offer you a precision-based solution for cataract surgery that is beyond compare. Our bladeless and computer-controlled laser surgery is available to most patients and its results are not attainable with other surgical methods.

LenSAR/LenSX surgery is offered by board-certified ophthalmologists at the Mercyhealth Eye Centers in Janesville and Rockford.

To learn how LenSAR/LenSX laser cataract surgery can improve your quality of life, please call:

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