Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Treatments

IPL devices are not lasers. They are very different, both from technology and treatment perspectives. While lasers produce a single wavelength (known as monochromatic) and target a single light beam, IPL devices use filters. This means a wider range of conditions can be treated with a single IPL device versus a single laser. For example, multiple concerns can be treated at one time, giving you an almost two-for-one treatment.

Ready to rid yourself of unwanted hair or brown spots? We can treat all areas. Contact us today to schedule your FREE IPL consultation.

Most-requested IPL hair removal treatments

AreaFirst Treatment25% Off Follow-Up Treatments
Lip or chin$150$112.50
Lip and chin$250$187.50
Between brows$100$75
Legs (full)$575$431.25
Legs (half)$350$262.50

Plastic surgery financing is available.

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