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Hospitalist Services

At Mercyhealth, we’re committed to giving you the best possible care. To ensure you receive this kind of care, we rely on the well-rounded expertise of hospitalist service providers—doctors and nurse practitioners—who specialize in taking care of hospitalized patients. Mercyhealth hospitalist physicians are residency-trained in internal medicine or family medicine, and are experts at treating complex medical problems commonly seen in hospitalized patients.

When you are in the hospital, your primary care doctor or specialist may not immediately be available to care for you. Whether your doctor specializes in family medicine, internal medicine, or surgery, he or she has office hours and many other patients to care for outside the hospital.

Mercyhealth hospitalists partner with your doctor to provide your care while you’re in the hospital. Your Mercyhealth hospitalist is available for evaluations, treatments and consultations, and communicates with your primary doctor.

Advantages of being cared for by a Mercyhealth hospitalist

  • You are safe under their care 24 hours a day, seven days a week; they are always available to answer questions.
  • Hospitalists are never more than a few minutes away.
  • Your hospitalist works with every specialist and department in the hospital, making for fast consultations and referrals when needed.
  • He or she monitors your lab tests frequently and adjust treatments to help you with fast recovery.
  • He or she discusses your inpatient and follow-up care with your primary care and specialty doctors.
  • Mercyhealth hospitalists, like your primary care and specialty doctors, have access to your medical history and records.

When it’s time to leave us

When you are ready to be discharged from the hospital, your Mercyhealth hospitalist releases you to the care of your primary care doctor. Your primary care doctor can view the details of your hospital care electronically. If you do not have a primary doctor, your Mercyhealth hospitalist will make referrals to make sure you receive any ongoing care you need.

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Hospitalist Services

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