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About Mercyhealth Hospice

Comfort, compassion, and support. That is the essence of hospice. Our staff also adds generous amounts of hugs, smiles, and calming touches when patients and their families need them most.

When you or a loved one faces a terminal illness, we are here to help.

For generations we have offered our patients physical, emotional, and spiritual care during the most trying of times. We also teach family members how to comfort and care for their loved one and each other. Bereavement counseling for children, siblings, parents, friends, and spouses is available.

Why Mercyhealth Hospice?

When you are considering hospice for yourself or a loved one, it is important to know that not all hospices are the same. The requirements are the same, but the quality of care differs from hospice to hospice.

Mercyhealth Hospice is a non-profit hospice in north-central Illinois and south-central Wisconsin that is directly linked to a health system. This connection gives us the resources and knowledge to be able to provide our patients and their families with expert care. It also allows patients who have a Mercyheath provider to continue to use the same trusted continuum of care. With a dedicated staff of nurses, social workers, home health aids, volunteers and chaplains, Mercyhealth at Home Hospice helps make end-of-life care easier.


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