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Hip Concerns

We believe walking across a room to say hello shouldn’t be a chore. Dancing should bring joy. Hanging out with your grandchildren should make you feel younger. Taking a long walk should make you feel stronger.

If you’re experiencing pain and stiffness in your hip bone, groin, buttocks or thighs, it may be time to see an orthopedic specialist about your options. If bending or walking a distance is painful or leaves you with stiff joints, it’s worth looking into.

Most hip pain stems from arthritis, and can be treated with special exercise and weight loss if necessary. Also, Mercyhealth orthopedic experts offer a range of treatments from conservative to more invasive: physical therapy, orthopedic devices, injection therapies and joint replacement surgery.

Contact a Mercyhealth orthopedic surgeon to learn more about hip surgery or therapy options.

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