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High School/Junior Athletic Performance

Our programs are designed to decrease injury and improve performance, giving your young athletes a better opportunity to achieve great success. With our High School/Junior training programs, young athletes receive all the essentials they need to improve strength, power, speed and flexibility. Our programs include performance evaluations, comprehensive movement screening and nutritional strategies to guide your athletes to greater success.

Club Teams and School Sports Teams

Every coach wants to win championships. How your athletes prepare for competition will determine that outcome. Our programs are specific to your team’s overall physiological needs. Our system implements nutritional support and other key strategies to give you a great advantage over the competition. Our performance coaches work with coaches to effectively improve team and individual performances. After all, the only way to improve your program is to improve your athletes.

Camps and Combines

Give your athletes an incredible experience at your camp or combine that’s personalized to their sport and position. Our expert Mercyhealth Top Performers team works effectively with coaches and directors to create a highly effective experience.

We offer unparalleled performance evaluations to give your young athletes an explicit understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. This shows them how to improve and prepare for the upcoming season or further their athletic career. Our objective is to help you give your athletes accurate and precise feedback on their evaluations and how they can improve.

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