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Geriatrics (Senior Adult Health Care)

A geriatrician is a “doctors who has completed a residency in either family medicine or internal medicine and are board-certified in this specialty. They often serve as a primary care provider for older adults with complex medical needs related to aging,” according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

The medical specialty of geriatrics focuses on elderly individuals. Mercyhealth’s geriatricians work with senior adults to prevent and treat complications of diseases and injuries. The aging process presents many unique challenges. Our geriatricians specialize in caring for complex problems and help individuals remain independent and healthy as long as possible.

Older patients have more complex medical issues than younger adults. They face the decline of organ systems and have lived a full life with a range of changes to their health based on habit (smoking, for instance), disease (Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, heart attack, arthritis), or circumstance (cancer from environmental factors).

Because of bodily changes, older adults are more prone to injuries or accidents that can set off an array of other health problems. Luckily, there are experts in helping senior citizens navigate this important time in their lives so they can be active and carefree to enjoy any activity and adventure.

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