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Mercyhealth Physician Clinic–Riverside offers the only comprehensive medical genetics program in the region.

The genetics professionals at Mercyhealth work with individuals and families in the evaluation, treatment and management of genetic disorders. In addition, the medical genetics staff explains complex genetic information, helps coordinate medical care, including appropriate genetic testing, and provides patient advocacy and emotional support.

The Mercyhealth medical genetics team includes a medical geneticist who is board certified in genetics, licensed and board certified genetic counselors, a genetics dietitian, a genetic counseling assistant and a department secretary.

Individuals commonly referred for medical genetics services include:

  • Pregnant individuals and their partners
  • Children with developmental delay
  • Adults with a possible genetic disorder
  • Individuals with a personal or family history of cancer
  • Individuals with a family history of a specific genetic condition
  • Children or adults with a genetic condition or suspected genetic condition

To make an appointment with one of our medical genetics providers, call (815) 971-5069.

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