Eclipse Sports Performance Program

Returning individuals to pre-injury level—or better!

Our Eclipse Sports Performance Lab is run by Mercyhealth athletic trainers who offer specialized assessments and rehabilitative exercise classes for participants who are nearing return to play or want to improve their level of performance.

Our advanced sports rehabilitation program is designed to help individuals who want specific training to safely return to play after physical therapy for a lower-extremity injury. Lower extremities include ankle, knee and hip.

Participants who are not injured, but are seeking to improve their performance in their sport, or their workouts in general, will benefit from the program’s advanced sports performance training.

Advanced sports rehabilitation program

To begin this program, the participant must have met goals that:

  • Addressed pain and swelling
  • Helped regain range of motion
  • Improved strength

Each person will have pre- and post-program evaluations by an athletic trainer. These functional assessments involve a battery of tests that look for:

  • Strength deficits
  • Biomechanical deficiencies
  • Bilateral limb compensations
  • Balance deficits
  • Flexibility impairments
  • Proprioceptive deficits
  • Landing mechanics
  • Running analysis
  • Hop testing
  • Musculoskeletal health
  • Cardiovascular health

Our athletic trainers will use the pre- and post-program evaluations to assess the participant’s progress throughout the program.

Advanced sports performance training

We address risk factors that predispose an individual to (re)injury. Our progressive levels of performance training are geared toward advancing each person in the areas of running, jumping, balance, agility, power and speed.

Using pre- and post-program evaluations, we focus on the appropriate level of sport-specific activities and exercises to help participants reach optimal performance.

Year-round group classes

Classes are geared toward restoring normal movement and increasing strength to help individuals return to pre-injury level or better.

Classes focus on mastering movement skills and strength restoration. We progress to advanced sports training with complex movement patterns that incorporate speed, timing and control with an emphasis on sport-related tasks.

Get ready to return to play

The Eclipse Sports Performance Program is offered at two Mercyhealth facilities. To learn more about each facility’s classes, call the Center of your choice:

Mercyhealth Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center–Janesville, Janesville
(608) 741-8854

Mercyhealth Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center–Walworth, Lake Geneva
(262) 245-4990

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