Diabetes self-management and education


Proudly recognized by the ADA since 2003!

Learning about diabetes and following your care plan can greatly reduce your chance of developing complications. Complications of diabetes can include:

  • Eye problems that can lead to blindness
  • Nerve damage, which can lead to infections and/or amputations
  • Kidney damage, which can lead to kidney failure and dialysis
  • High blood pressure, which can contribute to heart attack and strokes
  • Stroke and heart disease (two out of three people with diabetes may die of heart disease or stroke)
  • Skin complications and increased risk of infections
  • Ketoacidosis, which are high levels of ketones that can poison the body
  • Pregnancy issues (increased monitoring is necessary to prevent complications to mom and baby)

Although you feel fine, damage from complications can be taking place inside your body right now without you knowing it.

Find a diabetes education program near you

For your convenience, we provide education at five Mercy Diabetes Center locations in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Browse the Related Locations menu, or call toll-free (866) 520-6332.

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