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Breast Care: Breast MRI

A magnetic resonance imaging, or breast MRI scan creates detailed three-dimensional pictures of the breast and surrounding tissues that may not be seen as clearly on ultrasound or mammogram. Some patients may need to have dye injected into their arm to make breast structures show more clearly.

Breast MRI uses magnets to form the images your physician will see, not radiation, so there’s no possibility of radiation exposure.

It may be done along with mammography or ultrasound, but it is not a replacement for mammography.

Breast MRI may be performed to:

  • Screen for cancer in women at high risk for breast cancer (such as those with a strong family history) and women with dense breast tissue.
  • Evaluate an abnormal result on a mammogram or breast ultrasound.
  • Look more closely at a specific place on the breast.
  • Check for more cancer in the same breast or the other breast after cancer has been diagnosed.
  • Monitor breasts after cancer has been treated.
  • Find cancer that remains after surgery or chemotherapy.
  • Distinguish between scar tissue and breast tumors.
  • Evaluate a lump in the breast (usually after biopsy).
  • Look for possible rupture of breast implants.

Breast MRI is available only at the Mercyhealth Breast Center, Janesville.

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