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Breast Augmentation (Implants)

Why breast augmentation?

Many women choose breast augmentation (enlargement) to:

  • Increase breast fullness and projection
  • Balance their figure
  • Enhance their self-image and self-confidence
  • Restore a more youthful appearance

Note that breast augmentation surgery cannot correct severely drooping breasts. In this instance, breast lift surgery can be combined with augmentation surgery to correct sagging.

Is it right for you?

We suggest you choose breast augmentation to fulfill only your own desires, not someone else’s. As with any surgery, you should have realistic expectations, and we will help you understand those at your consultation appointment.

An ideal breast augmentation candidate:

  • Is physically healthy
  • Has fully developed breasts
  • Is unhappy with her breast size, shape or balance

Types of procedures and implants

Your implant size and type will be determined by your breast anatomy, skin elasticity, body type, and your desired increase in size. You and your surgeon will decide on what’s best for you. We offer Mentor, Allergan and Ideal brand implants. Your options include saline implants, filled with sterile saltwater, or silicone implants, filled with an elastic gel.

As with implants, there are several surgery options: Under the breast, through the underarm, or around the bottom of the areola (nipple area). The type of implant used, your anatomy, your desired increase in size, and your surgeon’s preference will decide the location of your incisions.

Preparing for your consultation

Breast surgery is an important investment in your health and well being. Be well-informed before you make a final decision. During your consultation, we will discuss:

  • Why you want surgery, your expectations and desired outcome
  • Your health status, including any previous surgeries or mammograms
  • Your family health history
  • Your risk factors
  • Your procedure and implant options
  • Potential complications of implants and surgery

Make sure you bring a list of your own questions and concerns. Please feel free to bring a supportive friend to help you listen or take notes.

Preparing for surgery

Once you have completed your consultation and decided breast augmentation is right for you, it’s time to prepare for surgery day. We might ask you to:

  • Have lab tests and/or a medical evaluation
  • Stop, start or adjust certain medicines and supplements
  • Get a baseline mammogram
  • Stop smoking

We will also give you instructions on what to do the day before and morning of surgery, and instructions for self-care after surgery. You will need to arrange for a ride home on surgery day. Also, make sure someone stays with you at least the first night following surgery.

What to expect after surgery

You should take it easy for a few days. Avoid excessive motion or abrasion in the breast area. Expect soreness and swelling for a few weeks.

We will give you complete written instructions for a safe and comfortable recovery. Instructions will include:

  • When you can resume exercise, work and other activities
  • How to care for any bandages, wraps or stitches
  • Recommendations for pain medicines
  • Symptoms to watch for
  • How to care for your scars
  • When to schedule your follow-up appointments
  • When to schedule your follow-up mammogram

Please note that breast implants are not permanent and might need to be replaced in your lifetime. As you age, gravity, hormones and weight fluctuations can change the shape and size of your breasts. At that time, you can choose to have a breast lift or implant exchange to restore a more youthful appearance.

Plastic surgery financing is available.

Before and After Photos

*Disclaimer: The diagrams and photographs contained within this website are for educational purposes. Some of these diagrams and photographs may not be suitable for all viewers. These photographs represent typical results, but not everyone who undergoes plastic surgery will achieve the same outcome.

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