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Pain Management: For Referring Physicians

Mercyhealth Pain Centers are referral-based clinics that offer a wide variety of interventional, non-interventional, and non-surgical treatments for pain. All services provided at the centers require a referral form.

Requirements for a Mercyhealth Pain Center evaluation

  • We require a consultation request and summary of workup, ruling out serious life- and limb-threatening conditions.
  • We will also need to know if you are requesting a consult for treatment plan recommendations or if you are asking the Mercyhealth Pain Center to take over management for a patient’s condition.
  • Relevant medical records—including MRI/CT report and CD done within the last 12 months—must accompany your request.
  • To expedite the care of your patient, we ask that your patient complete conservative care prior to referral for pain management. This can include completing physical therapy, chiropractic care, aquatic therapy and/or a trial of NSAIDs. We will also need to have documentation of this for insurance prior authorization.

Insurance considerations

  • Most insurance plans are accepted
  • We have patient financial counselors available for assistance

What to expect from our evaluation

  • A professional and thorough consultation with detailed recommendations for treatment
  • Timely communication to help you better care for your patients

Goals for patients

  • Improved function
  • Reduced pain
  • Improved quality of life

Patients who are appropriate candidates for evaluation

  • Those with chronic pain or refractory acute pain (e.g., CRPS/RSD, radiculopathy)
  • Those who are willing and cognitively able to participate in treatment

Patients who are not appropriate candidates

  • Those with conditions requiring emergency medical or surgical care
  • Those with poorly controlled psychiatric conditions (e.g., active psychosis, mania)
  • Those with active addictive disorders (please refer them for AODA treatment first)

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