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Mercyhealth Internal Medicine Residency Program

Our Hospitals

Program participants are primarily based at Javon Bea Hospital–Riverside, a brand-new, tertiary care hospital which opened in January 2019. Mercyhealth internal medicine residents will also rotate periodically at our sister location, Javon Bea Hospital–Rockton. Our teaching faculty, nurses, and other professionals are committed to working together with our future residents to meet the needs of our patients and our community.

Exterior of Mercyhealth's Javon Bea Hospital and Physician Clinic–Riverside

Mercyhealth’s Javon Bea Hospital and Physician Clinic–Riverside opened in January 2019 and is a state-designated referral center, receiving patients from a 15-county region for high-risk maternity, neonatal intensive care, pediatrics, adult critical care, and trauma. With its location on the I-90 interstate at the Riverside exit, the new campus enhances regional access to these critical tertiary level services and ensure a robust volume and variety of patients for the residents’ clinical training. This $505 million project is the largest in Rockford history. Learn more about our new campus here.

Javon Bea Hospital–Rockton has been committed to serving the health care needs of the Rockford community since it first opened its doors as Rockford Hospital in 1885. Since then, the hospital has grown and expanded, providing a level of care unmatched in the region. Our doctors, nurses and other professionals are committed to working together in partnership with our families to meet their health care needs. The campus has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years. In 2015, Mercyhealth committed to invest $50 million in the campus over 10 years by enhancing and adding services. For more information about the hospital, click here.