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Mercyhealth Family Medicine Residency Program–Janesville

Simulation Program

EMS instructors, Frank Jonczyk and Rob Calhoon, observe paramedics in training inside the simulation lab.Residency students enjoy real-world training simulations at the Mercyhealth Prehospital and Emergency Services Training Center in Janesville. The sim lab is designed to let instructors develop a variety of patient care scenarios, complete with sounds and realistic backgrounds projected onto the walls. Within these scenarios, students practice skills on the METIman, a human patient simulator.

By using video, called METI-Vision, instructors play back the simulation cases to have the students review and critique their own performance as part of their training process.

METIman simulates life-like situations

METIman is a human patient simulator. Its physiologically driven simulator offers an unsurpassed level of believability and life-like accuracy, allowing health care learners to intervene instinctively, quickly, consistently and competently with clinical measures that can save a human life.

How it’s used:

  • Mass casualty and trauma situations
  • Cardiology/ACLS simulations
  • Obstetrics simulations
  • Ultrasound practice

The Training Center offers both adult and child patient simulators.

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