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Mercyhealth Family Medicine Residency Program–Janesville

Community Involvement

We take pride in helping our community.

  • Local radio station WCLO
  • Health Net of Rock County
  • Medical School for Teens
  • Janesville Public Schools
  • Quarterly employee well-being presentations to local businesses


HealthNet of Rock County offers a variety of free medical and dental services to local uninsured residents. We staff HealthNet 2 ½ days a week.

WCLO’s “What’s Up, Doc?” program

What's Up, Doc? with Dr. BarkhouSure, family medicine doctors do your yearly check-up. But they also help manage chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and arthritis. They treat acute situations like sinus infections and injuries and they can even help you throughout a pregnancy. In this episode of “What’s Up, Doc?”, we help explain why the role family doctors play by talking with Dr. Janet Barkhou, family medicine physician and faculty at Mercyhealth South.


What's Up, Doc? with Dr. StahleckerThe 2019 flu season is upon us and it could be a nasty one. Here to explain this year’s flu season and other seasonal illness and how to keep you and your family healthy is Dr. Jared Stahlecker, family medicine physician at Mercyhealth South in Janesville. Click here to listen to this episode of “What’s Up, Doc?”