Program Goals

School of Sonography Program Goals

1. The students will be clinically competent.
Learning outcomes:
• Students will demonstrate appropriate positioning skills.
• Students will choose appropriate technical factors.
• Students will employ radiation protection for the patient, themselves and others.

2. The students will communicate effectively with the patients and health care workers
Learning outcomes:
• Students will instruct patient correctly using oral communication.
• Students will interpret and relay requisition information in PACS using written communication.

3. The students will display professional judgment and values.
Learning outcomes:
• Students will insure patient privacy and modesty.
• Students will participate in the community.
• Students will be aware of the value of life-long learning.

4. The students will be able to demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving skills.
Learning outcomes:
• Students will modify routine procedures for non-routine patients.
• Students will critique images to determine if corrective action is required.
• Under direct supervision, the student will apply corrective action(s) to those images necessary. 

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