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Dr. Shah

Mercyhealth Welcomes Family Medicine Physician

Mercyhealth is pleased to welcome Dr. Nishith Shah to the physician staff of Mercyhealth Perryville, 3401 N. Perryville Rd., Rockford. His special interests include preventive care, healthy lifestyle promotion, population health, diabetes and high blood pressure. Dr. Shah earned his medical degree ...

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Mercyhealth to Offer Dinner Seminar on Hospice Care

JANESVILLE, Wisconsin—Mercyhealth will offer its next free dinner and healthy discussion seminar series, Wednesday, October 30, 6 pm, at the Armory, 10 S. High St., Janesville. The seminar is lead by Dawn Klockow, RN, BSN, Director of Mercyhealth Home Health ...

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Mercyhealth Welcomes Adult and Pediatric Neurosurgeon

ROCKFORD, Illinois–Mercyhealth is pleased to welcome Dr. Muhammad Janjua to the Neurosurgery staff of Javon Bea Hospital and Physician Clinic–Riverside, 8201 E. Riverside Blvd., Rockford. Dr. Janjua offers his adult and pediatric patients whole-person care. “I care about how my patients ...

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Mercyhealth Welcomes Audiologist

LAKE GENEVA, Wisconsin - Mercyhealth is pleased to welcome Dr. Leslie Shoulders to the Audiology staff of the Mercyhealth Hospital and Medical Center-Walworth, N2950 State Rd. 67, Lake Geneva. Dr. Shoulders earned her Doctorate of Audiology degree at the Illinois State ...

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Mercyhealth Lake Geneva Welcomes Family Medicine Physician

LAKE GENEVA, Wisconsin–Mercyhealth is pleased to welcome Dr. Nadeen Sweis to the physician staff at Mercyhealth Lake Geneva, 350 Peller Rd., Lake Geneva. Her special interest is preventive health—helping patients take control of their health before issues arise. This is not ...

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Mercyhealth Volunteers to Hold Annual Holiday Fundraisers

The Mercyhealth Association of Volunteers is hosting its annual Holiday Markets in October and November in Janesville, Lake Geneva and Rockford. Rockford, IL Javon Bea Hospital-Rockton, 2400 N. Rockton Ave., Rockford Café 2400 October 29-30, 8 am-6 pm Javon Bea Hospital-Riverside, 8201 E. Riverside Blvd., Rockford Conference Rooms ...

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Mercyhealth Offers Breastfeeding Support Group on Wednesdays

ROCKFORD, Illinois — Mercyhealth is hosting a free and informal breastfeeding support group, at Javon Bea Hospital–Riverside, 8201 E. Riverside Blvd., fourth floor, room 4141, Rockford, Wednesdays, from 10-11 am. This support group is designed for new moms to connect with ...

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