Mercyhealth to Demonstrate Life-Saving Training Taught to Stephenson County Deputies

emergency services Dr. MacNeal

ROCKFORD, Illinois- Over the past year, Stephenson County Sheriff David Snyders has been working with Mercyhealth to improve the medical care provided to patients who come into contact with his deputies. The training includes CPR, the use of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), Narcan and tourniquets.  A demonstration of these life-saving techniques will be held at a press event on Thursday, May 31, at 3 pm.

“This training has already saved lives in the county,” said Snyders. “We have administered Narcan. We have used our physicians and Tactical Emergency Medical Service (TEMS) on all Emergency Response Team (ERT) call-outs in the county knowing that if something should happen, Stephenson County Sheriff’s deputies will have the best care available to them in seconds.”

In addition to offering this training to his deputies, Mercyhealth has worked closely to improve the medical capability of the ERTs. Deputies have received additional training to allow them to care for injured victims, suspects and their fellow deputies.

“In today’s high threat environment, this training will save lives when seconds matter,” said Dr. Jay MacNeal, Mercyhealth’s Emergency Medical Services Director. “Our commitment to excellence in our emergency medical services training is shown through our customer service mindset in that we do whatever it takes to ensure area residents receive the best prehospital care possible.”

The sheriff has also formed a TEMS unit consisting of paramedics, physicians from Mercyhealth, and Sheriff Reserve Unit members James Klinefelter and Doug Toepfer. These first responders are available in real time to care for individuals. They have advanced capabilities and bring a vast majority of emergency department level skills and knowledge to the scene.

The demonstration of these life-saving techniques will be on Thursday, May 31, 2018 at 3 pm. Please RSVP to for the location to meet the Stephenson County Sheriff, deputies and Mercyhealth team.

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