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Mercyhealth Nurse Gets Local Rising Star Award for Patient Advocacy and Education

ROCKFORD, Illinois—Mercyhealth is pleased to announce Michelle Regan, MSN, RN, CMSRN, RN-BC, clinical educator, was nominated for the 2020 American Society for Pain Management Nursing Rising Star award and was selected recipient of the local NIPRN Rising Star Award. The Northern Illinois Pain Resource Nurse Consortium (NIPRN) proudly nominated Michelle for the award for her phenomenal leadership skills and patient advocacy in the field of pain management and education.

“Michelle is a quiet, kind, gentle and unassuming nurse who is self-motivated and a dynamo,” said Karen Sikorski, RN, MS, APN-CNS, NIPRN spokesperson. “Since Michelle began her career as an oncology nurse, and later as a medical/surgical nurse, she focuses on helping patients manage their pain effectively. Through her work, she developed a manual for her colleagues regarding pain management for oncology patients.”

Michelle is the chairperson of Mercyhealth’s Pain Management Committee, as well as the NIPRN chairperson. She takes great pride in educating colleagues, developing pain management policies and procedures, serving on quality improvement initiatives, and more. Michelle puts her heart and soul into pain management nursing and NIPRN, and has a passion to educate as many nurses and health care providers as possible.

Michelle holds a master’s degree in nursing education from Western Governor’s University and is certified in pain management nursing by American Nurses Credentialing Center and medical/surgical nursing by Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification Board. She previously was awarded NIPRN Nurse of the Year for excellence in pain management nursing.

“Michelle is known for her advocacy of patients and families, and keeps the needs of patients at the center of her focus,” said Crystal Lundvall, MS, RN, manager at Mercyhealth. “Throughout her tenure, she has also been recognized as being an advocate and role model for her nursing colleagues as evidenced by her availability, approachability and follow-through.

Lundvall continues, “She has demonstrated leadership abilities and outstanding contributions to the field of pain management nursing. Her local influence reflects the standards of nursing practice that echoes your mission of advancing and promoting optimal nursing care for people affected by pain.”

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