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Mercyhealth Graduates 2021 Paramedic Class

The Mercyhealth Prehospital and Emergency Services Center is pleased to announce the graduation of its 33rd paramedic class. The 8-student class graduated on Wednesday, July 28. During this 10-month, full-time training program, students spend a minimum of 1,200 hours in training.  In order to graduate, they must have a minimum of an 80% pass rate. Students this year faced additional challenges as they joined the ranks of health care workers responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our EMS partners are called upon to help others during their time of need,” said Javon R. Bea, Mercyhealth President/CEO. “They provide a sense of security and relief during traumatic accidents. They ensure the seriously ill and injured receive what they deserve … a second chance at life.”

Mercyhealth has a long tradition of doing whatever it takes to ensure area first responders have the training and tools to provide the best prehospital care possible. Mercyhealth’s Prehospital and Emergency Services Centers have trained tens of thousands of paramedics and EMTs in the health system’s Janesville, Walworth and Rockford locations.

The Mercyhealth’s paramedic program meets the requirements for education of paramedics as recommended by the US Department of Transportation, and for all EMT levels on an hour-for-hour CEU basis.