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Mercyhealth Anesthesiologist to Bike the Tour Divide for Charitable Diabetic Care

On June 10, Dr. Chris Schmidt, an anesthesiologist at Mercyhealth Hospital and Medical Center–Walworth, will embark on the Tour Divide, an ultra-endurance mountain bike race, in the hope of raising money for diabetic patients in need of financial assistance. The race route spans 2,673 miles along the Continental Divide from Banff, Canada to the Mexican border.

“I had the opportunity to see most of the route on a bike tour with a friend last summer and through that experience was inspired to race the 2022 Tour Divide for those with diabetes,” Dr. Schmidt said. “I will race in memory of my mother Linda, whose struggle with Type 1diabetes will inspire me to push the pedals harder for every diabetic out there. I will race to support people with diabetes in my community who are in need. I will race to raise funds for an organization whose mission is near and dear to my heart.”

Dr. Schmidt will be racing with his long-time Walworth County friend and Type 1 diabetic Ezra Ward-Pakard to raise funds for diabetic care at Open Arms Free Clinic of Walworth County. Open Arms provides free medical care for individuals in need.